Claire's Connecticut Adventure

MMy most recent adventure took place on May 6th. I was reminded that my car (that is registered in Connecticut) was due for it's 5 minute emissions test. A 498.8 mile drive from my apartment in downtown Roanoke to home. I had an evening and two days off to make the journey. I decided it would be best to do it while the weather was still turning from winter to summer. I knew if I waited until the end of May I would miss out on a camping trip... or a day on the lake... or hiking... or napping all day in my hammock... or all of the above.

I packed light because (a) I would only be spending roughly 20 hours there and (b) I do not like carrying more than I need. I knew I needed to remember to bring two key WAO items...I wore my Patagonia W's Capilene® Daily Graphic T-Shirt and carried my Classic Insulated 32 oz narrowed mouth Klean Kanteen plastered with inspirational stickers of the outdoors (spending 8 hours on a paved highway gets a little dreary, especially when the mountains fade in the rearview mirror).

I forgot to mention that my car's AC is busted... and the pavement was reflecting a good 80 degrees both days that I was traveling. The Polygiene odor control and the breathability that the shirt provided kept me comfy. The ice cold water from the Klean Kanteen refreshed me and kept me alert (I filled my 20oz Klean Kanteen too because buying plastic water from the gas station hurts my heart). I got home, took the car to be tested, played with the dogs, biked around the park, and there was still no stink!

After some New York style pizza, a deep snooze and a coolant refill, I was back on the road headed back to the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains!

The day to day life is an adventure.