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DON'T SEE A PRODUCT ON OUR WEBSITE? We carry more products in store than on our website!
DON'T SEE A PRODUCT ON OUR WEBSITE? We carry more products in store than on our website!

The Happy Camper's Backpacking Essentials List

Whether you're gearing up for your first trip or a seasoned backpacker, we've got your checklist covered.
Bring this list into any of our stores and we'll be happy to make sure you're all set for your next adventure!
  • A positive attitude ready to take on the amazing adventure and challenges you may encounter
  • A rough itinerary of the trip and a copy of it left with someone at “home”
  •  Appropriate & extra clothing – Quick dry/wicking fabrics, proper layering per season, tops & bottoms
  • Hiking shoes/boots that fit properly, quick dry/wicking socks (optional sock liner to prevent blisters), lightweight camp sandals/shoes, and trekking poles
  • Waterproof raingear for you & your backpack/gear
  • Properly fitting backpack with adequate carrying capacity
  • Water bladder or bottles and water purification & a backup purification method
  • First Aid Kit & Safety – Suggestions: alcohol pads, antibacterial ointment, band-aids, Benadryl, epi-pen, butterfly closures, gauze pads & roll, gloves, Ibuprofen, iodine, medical tape, moleskin, rescue mask, safety pins, shears, sterile water, syringe, tweezers & nail clippers, emergency blanket, whistle, any personal medication, and an understanding of the basics of first aid
  • Sun protection- brim hat, or head coverage, sunscreen, sunglasses & Bug repellent
  • Shelter- Tent, hammock with fly, bivy, trail shelter/hut
  • Sleeping bag & sleeping pad
  • Waterproof matches/fire starter
  • Map, compass, guidebook, & basic navigation knowledge
  • Enough food/snacks for your trip & extra- more calories are needed for more energy burning
  • Stove, fuel, and mess kit including knife and eating utensil
  • Toiletries: Trowel, TP, chap stick, toothbrush & paste, personal hygiene products, biodegradable liquids
  • Headlamp with extra batteries- hands free lighting
  • Rope or Nylon cord- safety, bear bags, shelter, comes in handy in several situations
  • Nice to Haves: Bandanas, journal & pencil, quick drying towel, camera, solar charger, charging cords, hacky sack, Frisbee, cards, trail game, etc.




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