A Timeline History of Walkabout Outfitter

1991-1995: Tina during high school and then college makes and sells baked goods and jams at the local farmers' markets - before farmers markets were even cool.  She falls in love with serving customers!

1997:  Ignorance is bliss, and 23 year old Tina quits her day job and has no clue how wild the adventure is to opening up a business.  She  opens up a kitchen shop, Ladles & Linens, on Main Street in Lexington, VA

1999:  Kirk quits his day job and hikes the length of the Appalachian Trail.  Trail name: Flying Monkey


  • Kirk stops into a small kitchen shop in Lexington, Ladles and Linens, to purchase a coffee maker and is helped by the owner Tina.  An easy friendship develops and then eventually blossoms into a romance. Kirk’s job with FEMA requires him to travel for 30 days at a time. Kirk begins to think of work options that wouldn't require him to travel so often so that he can spend more time with Tina. 
  • After learning from Tina how a retail shop is run, Kirk decides it's a great idea to open up a small outfitter store in Lexington. Tina is far from pleased because she had hoped that her future husband would have a real job!  But together, Kirk and Tina open up Walkabout Outfitter.
  • Kirk uses his Eagle Scout and AT thru-hiker experiences and Tina uses her knowledge and experience of running a small retail business to open up Walkabout Outfitter in downtown Lexington. The vision for their outfitter store was shaped by those Kirk visited along the Appalachian Trail,  small but very friendly establishments, along with Tina's idea of creating a more inclusive environment where it doesn't matter who you are, thru-hiker or person who would rather stay urban, will enjoy the experience in Walkabout.
  • Tina and Kirk design the Walkabout Outfitter logo depicting a person proud of their accomplishment yet humbled by their surroundings.

2005Tina and Kirk open the first Walkabout Outfitter in Downtown Lexington, VA.

    2007:  A location next to the Ladles & Linens shop in Roanoke becomes available so Tina and Kirk decide to open a second Walkabout location.

    The original Walkabout Outfitter in Lexington moves to a bigger and better location just around the corner from it's first location.

      2009A building goes up for auction in downtown Roanoke just three doors down from Walkabout's location. Tina and Kirk win the bid and move Walkabout to this new location called the “Agnew Seed Building.” The building had been in the Agnew family and used as a feed and seed building for over 100 years. Their success in that new location leads Tina and Kirk to consider expanding to other parts of Roanoke.

        2010:  A location becomes available in the “District” at Valley View Mall. Tina and Kirk decide this is the perfect location for a second Walkabout because it gave the feel of a downtown store with the parking convenience of a mall.

          2013:  Walkabout Outfitter expands to Harrisonburg, VA, opening a store on Main street.

            2014:  Walkabout Outfitter opens a store in Carytown, Richmond, VA.

            2016:  Walkabout Outfitter opens a store in Blacksburg, VA


            • Kirk and Tina decide to sell Ladles & Linens and focus solely on Walkabout Outfitter
            • The Lexington, VA Walkabout Outfitter moves to South Main Street. Meanwhile, Walkabout Outfitter Basecamp is set up above the old Lexington location.