Store Managers

Amy at Lexington

Ruby at Downtown Roanoke

Hello, my name is Amy and I am the Store Manager of the Lexington Walkabout Outfitter! My favorite thing to do when I am not working at the store is to explore outside! My dog Sawyer is my favorite adventure buddy and we like to explore somewhere cool every day that we can! I also enjoy taking lots of pictures, collecting heart rocks that I find, and of course to encourage happiness!

Hello, my name is Ruby.  I love the outdoors, growing up in Colombia, South America thought me the importance of being outside and enjoy nature. Throughout my life I have had some awesome experiences. Included in these were achieving a Masters Degree in Recreation Parks and Tourism Management and a six month expedition through Canada the US and Baja California. My favorite adventure activities are climbing, mountain biking and backpacking. I love teaching and spreading the word on how nature, recreation and the outdoors can make a positive impact in someone’s life.

Vince at Harrisonburg

Wyatt at Blacksburg

Hello my name is Vince.  VA resident over 12 years, married to hiker and photographer Lori with 6 year old son Jackson, part of the WAO family for over 8 years, thru hiked in 2011, active in the Harrisonburg community with leading hikes, trail work, classes, and always eager to help someone getting outside and pursuing their dreams.

My name is Wyatt and I have been the manager of the Blacksburg store since 2016. My days off are usually spent on the water, fly fishing or on the trail, mountain biking.

Brian at Valley View Mall

Carla at Richmond

Brian, a Roanoke native has been with Walkabout coming up on 3 years. He and his wife Kayla love to backpack and travel with their dog Beau. Stop by our Valley View location anytime to pick his brain about gear and local hikes, and food, Brian loves talking about food!

My entire life has orbited the outdoors! I’ve ridden horses and hiked my entire life. It only made sense to get involved in the outdoor industry with gear, guiding, conservation, and education. I’ve traveled all over, and each place offers a new skill I want to get experience in!

Assistant Store Managers

Matt at Lexington

Nic at Richmond

Hi! I'm Matt, I live in Lexington and I love biking, climbing, and bird watching. I love getting outside and helping others do the same, so I'm super excited to join the Walkabout team and working with you all!

Hi I'm Nic. Originally from Harrisonburg, Virginia, I spent much of my growing up years hiking and exploring the surrounding valley and mountains. After obtaining a degree in Studio Art from James Madison University, I spent a couple years living and working in New York City, where I developed a love and passion for sustainable fashion and outdoor apparel. I’m a very recent transplant to Richmond and am very excited to take part in river life and become involved in this vibrant community. I’m an avid runner, lover of board games, and sewing clothes and apparel when I get the chance!

Bobbie at Harrisonburg

Kathleen at Roanoke


My name is Kathleen – I was raised outside of Richmond loving to hike, swim, and bike. Throughout college, my love of the outdoors led me to a summer as camp counselor in the mountains of North Carolina. My passion for hiking grew too, and I began taking solo backpacking trips. I’ve traveled solo throughout Southeast Asia. I plan to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in the future.

District Manager



Hello my name is Suz.  When I'm not at work I'm either walking, hiking or cooking! I love going on a daily walk and fitting in a hike when I can. My favorite place in the whole world is Spy Rock, not only because it's beautiful, but because it was part of my very first backpacking trip in high school. I have a passion for the kitchen and learning new recipes, trying new things and serving others.


Tina & Kirk