Chelsey's Pawfect Adventure

AAnyone who knows me, knows that I have the two greatest hiking buddies that accompany me whenever and wherever I go. Macy, the little one, and River, the big one, love to explore, sniff, and bring me as many sticks as they can when we are on trail. My girls always keep it fun and exciting with each new adventure.

Tip: Macy and River each wear RuffWear's Tope Rope Collar when are are out hiking, and while around the house. The metal Talon Buckle makes it easy to quickly get off and on (River gets very excited when she realizes we are going somewhere), and there is reflective webbing built into the collars webbing that keeps them visible in low-lighting conditions. Each collar comes with a silicone tag silencer that keeps their name tag and rabies verification from clinging together and causing a lot of extra noise. The girls love their collars, and their two-tone colors keeps them looking great too!