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Aviant Carry On Pro 36 SL

by Deuter

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Are work and travel a central part of your life? With the Carry On Pro 36 SL, you'll find it easy to fit everything into one backpack: clothing, laptop and important documents. The suitcase-style full-length zipper allows this pack to open fully for easy packing and at-a-glance access. There's a large compartment for clothing and another, separate compartment for documents, a laptop and a tablet. There is also a separate, removable bag for dirty laundry or footwear. Sized to comply with carry-on luggage regulations, the pack allows you to skip baggage check-in and pick-u. With its stowable shoulder straps and padded grab handles, this backpack can also be carried briefcase-style. And, if you're travelling with a wheeled suitcase as well, the Carry On Pro has a pass-through sleeve at the back which allows you to thread the pack onto the pull-out handle of your suitcase. The SL version of the Carry On Pro features a narrower shoulder harness and shorter torso length to more comfortably fit women.