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2nd Annual Community Gear Swap Dates Announced

2nd Annual Community Gear Swap Dates Announced

The Gear Swap is an awesome event where our local customers get to be the sellers of their own lightly used gear.

Just bring any items to the store closest to you that fit within the acceptable conditions, set your price and on the weekend of April 6th and 7th, we'll put it all out on the floor for the general public to purchase.

Whatever funds are generated from sales, will become a gift certificate for purchases of brand new gear in the future!
How's that for recycling and upcycling!
Any gear that doesn't sell and that you don't want to take back, will be kindly offered as a donation to organizations that help underprivileged children get outdoors.
Everyone can find great deals on lightly used gear and clothing during the Gear Swap! And it's just in time for the warming weather!
Sellers guidelines:
Acceptable Gear
        • Clothing, sleeping bags/material items should be recently laundered and free of odor
        • Footwear must be clean & in good condition for future miles
        • Electronics must be in good working order
        • All other gear (backpacks/tents/etc.) should also be clean and in usable condition

    Unacceptable Gear

          • Undergarments (boxers/briefs/bras/underwear/socks)
          • Anything broken or in unusable condition

    Email or call us with any questions!

    Click here for the contact info to your local store

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