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DON'T SEE A PRODUCT OR SIZE ON OUR WEBSITE? We have more items in store than online. Call us to see if it's available in store!
DON'T SEE A PRODUCT OR SIZE ON OUR WEBSITE? We have more items in store than online. Call us to see if it's available in store!


The Trailheads Loyalty Club is a FREE loyalty program that has been tailored to Walkabout Outfitter's favorite people; our customers!
Think about it as a frequent buyer club where you get rewarded for doing what you're already doing: shopping with us!


Who is it for? 

Anyone! Especially those who love to support local shopping and like to be rewarded for doing so!
Currently available for in-store customers only.

How does it work?

When you join you'll be given a membership card to hold onto.  Every time you shop, you will present the card and we'll note your subtotal and punch one of the six boxes on the back of your card. After your sixth punch
and your total purchases equal at least $150, we'll give you your card back and the 7th time you visit,
your card will be worth $10.00 off your purchase. 

There's More!

You'll become part of an exclusive club of customers who receive extra perks, exclusive deals and insider giveaways!

How to join?

Just stop by any of our six locations and our helpful staff, who encourage happiness every day,
will be happy to help you join!

The Rules

-To make sure you're getting the full benefits of this six box program (no this is not to help you lose weight, or make you smarter, or teach you a new language, but to earn rewards!) we need your full name, address and email in our system. Phone number is optional. Don't worry, be happy we will never share your information with anyone and is purely used to make sure our customers are getting the correct promotional and insider information or to reach you if necessary.

-You are responsible for hanging onto your punch card and presenting your punch card at time of each purchase and redemption (yes your completed card is also the reward so don't you dare lose that precious card)!  We will happily start you a new card after you've used your reward.

-Returns will be subtracted from your total balance amount - sorry you can't purchase a bunch of items, return them all and get a reward it's just not fair and we think you'll agree.

-Check this one out:  Purchase and redemption of gift cards will be counted toward total sales - yep that's right folks, both count!

-Six punches and total purchases of $150 are both required to earn the reward.  If you get to the end of your six punches and haven't reached $150 yet, no big deal. We'll give you a second card until you've reached $150 dollars and then we'll celebrate when you hit it.

-Rewards can be combined  with other promotional discounts! (Yay!)

-Sorry, we cannot split up your reward.  It must be used in full when it comes time for redemption.  

-To keep things fair, one punch per visit, per purchase unless we are running a special promotion - please, no splitting purchases.

-Unfortunately, boxes cannot be filled with purchases that took place prior to your start date as a Trailhead member.

-The purchase that you redeem your reward on (if you've been paying attention, this would be your 7th purchase) can count as your 1st purchase on your new card - it's amazing, truly amazing.

-Should your card be lost or not available at the time of a purchase, you will be allowed to start a new card and can later combine both cards as long as they are for the same customer account - much easier on us:)

-Hey Walkabout employees!  You are eligible for this program!!

-Walkabout Outfitter reserves the right to verify any and all purchases shown on card before reward can be redeemed.

-The intent of this program is to provide a perk to loyal customers. We reserve the right to remove any user from the program if it is determined that the user is abusing the program - come on y'all don't be abusers (remember when we told you above that this isn't a six box therapy program).

-And lastly, we reserve the right to modify these rules and restrictions at any time.

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