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5 Life-Changing Reasons to Get Outside

5 Life-Changing Reasons to Get Outside

5 Life-Changing Reasons to Get Outside

1. Stress relief—Yep, it’s true, getting outside truly relieves stress and anxiety. David Strayer, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Utah and cognitive neuro-scientist quote “A 30-minute walk delivers benefits such as a slower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and reduced levels of cortisol — a biomeasure of stress. And the results last beyond the walk. Some studies show, the results can last for days.

2. You’ll be happier— “People who feel more connected to nature have more posi-tive feelings of happiness and well-being,” Lisa Nisbet, PhD, a professor of psychology. Seems too easy to be true, but it is!

3. Helps your brainpower— Being outside can enhance your creativity, problem-solving, and concentration. Strayer explains that, “The modern world of phones, texting, and screen time taxes our prefrontal cortex — it fatigues like a muscle. Immersing yourself in natural surroundings — whether in a park or the wilderness — helps that part of your brain and restores the reserves needed for critical thinking.”

4. Gets you in shape— People tend to burn more calories than in the gym when outside. Plus, by propelling yourself off the ground, it takes more energy than keeping pace on a gym machine.

5. Strengthen immunity—The immune system works its best when challenged regularly and that doesn’t happen when we are always indoors. A study in Ja-pan showed that after three days in the forest, participants white blood cells increased and stayed elevated for more than 30 days after their wilderness adventure.

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The Great Puzzle Promotion

All Locations• Happening NOW thru March 13

Be sure to take your puzzle piece in to see if your piece fits in the puzzle!  If it does, you win a $50.00 gift certificate!  If it doesn’t, you can turn your piece in for another prize (so everyone’s a winner) or you can take your piece to another store to try there.  There are 100s of winning pieces out there!!


Medic Solo Classes

Lexington • February 22 & 23, 8:30 AM—6:30 PM

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The way you handle the first five minutes of an emergency can mean the difference between life and death. Learn how to save life or limb in the wilderness, an urban disaster or even in one's backyard with this first aid certification course.  We do these classes in partnership with Medic Solo and part of the proceeds go to a local non-profit too!  Go to our website to find the exact location of the class  as they will be outside of our store and sign–up information.


Throw Frogs for Prizes

All Locations• February 27–29, During Store Hours

Every four years  for Leap Year it’s a fun time when you get to toss frogs with hope that they will hop into the prize pot you want!  Come on into Walkabout and test your skills at throwing frogs.  We’re positive that you’ve been practicing for years! 


Womens Hiking Class

Roanoke• March 21 & 22,  8:30 AM—6:30 PM

Richmond• April 4 & 5,  8:30 AM—6:30 PM

Blacksburg • April 18 & 19,  8:30 AM—6:30 PM

We love our customers and it’s time to have fun for Valentine’s week.  Each store will have a bottle of candy hearts.  Whoever comes closest to the correct number WINS a Walkabout gift certificate!   One winner in each location!


Gear Swap

All locations  • April  4—5, During Store Hours

Looking to get that new piece of gear you’ve been eyeing, now is your chance. Bring in your gently used, clean gear, and set the price. We then sell it for you during these dates. If your gear sells, you will receive a gift certificate to Walkabout Outfitter for the amount the item sold. Then use that gift certificate to get your new gear!  Accepting used gear from March 23 -April 2. 

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