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DON'T SEE A PRODUCT ON OUR WEBSITE? We carry more products in store than on our website!
DON'T SEE A PRODUCT ON OUR WEBSITE? We carry more products in store than on our website!
Walkabout Challenge - Get Outside 2021 (NOW - April 18)

Walkabout Challenge - Get Outside 2021 (NOW - April 18)

Walkabout is challenging you to get outside!

NOW through April 18th.

Get outside for AT LEAST 20 MINUTES a day for your chance to WIN PRIZES and a chance to be entered for our GRAND PRIZE! 

Get outside at least 75 times between NOW and April 18th to complete your Get Outside tracker and then be sure to turn it in by April 25th (if you finish early you can turn it in early) to any of our six Walkabout locations to be entered for the GRAND PRIZE! We will be giving away $1000.00 in prizes!

Get outside anyway you like! Take a walk, do yard work, walk the dog, camping, star gazing, etc! The goal is to get outside 75 times for at least 20 minutes. You could even do this two or three times a day if you'd like!

We want you to be encouraged and to encourage others! Join our Walkabout 2021 Get Outside Challenge!


Get all the details from our Facebook video launch that was recorded!



To officially enter the challenge complete the google form:  Sign Up Now

Click here to download Activity Tracking Sheet:   Activity Tracking Sheet


Walkabout Challenge Facebook Group -- Stay encouraged and encourage others to get outside! You will also want to join the group and check in often for prizes!
Click link to join the FB Group:



The challenge has already started - can I still sign up and join the challenge?

Yes of course! Join anytime during the challenge!  

Can I do more than 1 activity per day?

Yes, you can do up to 3 sessions in a day – they just need to be separate from each other.  Example:  If you take a 2 hour bike ride in the morning, and then take you a 1 hour stroll with your dog in the afternoon – that is considered 2 sessions.

What if I miss a week of getting outside:

No worries!  You can definitely catch up by doing up to 3 sessions in one day. 

Do I have to do a certain amount of sessions per week?

Nope!  You do not have to do a certain amount of sessions per week so if one week you get 12 sessions in and another week get 4, that’s fine!  Yes, you can do more than one session in a day- up to 3 sessions in one day! 

I don't run or hike.  What other activities count?

Any activity that gets you outside counts as long as you are outside for at least 20 minutes per session!  Doing some yard work this week? You can use that for a session.  Taking your kids to the park? You can use that for a session.  Cleaning out a shed/garage? You can use that as a session. Going to a local farmers market and walking around for 20+ minutes? That counts too! Visiting your local Main Street and walking shop to shop? That definitely counts! Walkabout wants to encourage everyone during this challenge to any activity and get outside.

How do I win prizes?

We will be giving prizes away throughout the challenge.  Many of these prize give-aways will take place through our special Facebook group - so be sure to join our group.  You’ll also get more information about them through the email group that we’ve created for Challenge participants. 

What are the prizes?

We will be giving away LOTS of prizes!  We will be giving away products and Walkabout gift certificates with the challenge culminating in our Grand Prize of a $250.00 shopping spree for those who have completed the challenge and have turned in their tracker form.

I completed my sheet. How do I get entered for the Grand Prize?

Once you've completed 75 outdoor activity sessions of at least 20 minutes or more, make sure to include your name and contact information (phone and email) and turn it in at your local Walkabout location no later than April 25th.  All completed activity sheets will be entered in our GRAND PRIZE and the winner will be announced April 27th.



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