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DON'T SEE A PRODUCT ON OUR WEBSITE? We carry more products in store than on our website!
DON'T SEE A PRODUCT ON OUR WEBSITE? We carry more products in store than on our website!
Car Camping: Tips & Product Recommendations

Car Camping: Tips & Product Recommendations

Looking for an idea to make some new memories this summer while getting outdoors safely?  Make plans for a car camping adventure!
Here are some great tips for planning your trip from Ruby at the Valley View location!
1.  Plan ahead and prepare. Gain knowledge of the area you plan to visit from land managers, maps, and literature. Also check and call campsites for accessibility, prices and rules (some campsites don't sell firewood or don't have running water). Be prepared to adapt and prepare ahead.
2.  Choose gear that is functional but comfortable. The whole point of car camping is for you to be comfortable so don't worry about having the lightest gear. The beauty about car camping is that you can take items that you will usually don't take if you were just backpacking. Items such an extra ENO Hammock or a relaxing chair such as the NEMO stargazer are items you won't usually carry in your back but are perfect for car camping.
3.  Organization is key! Have everything in categories. I personally like to separate items by category, so I have a bag for food, another one just for clothes, cooking utensils, sleeping gear, first aid and emergency etc.. that way is easier for you to find stuff and also keep your car clean and organized. Sea to summit makes awesome dry bags, stuff sacks and compression sacks. They are color coded so you can label them and have everything organized in different colors and categories.
4.  Bring lots of water!
5.  Prepare for rain!  A lot of campsites have a pavilion but a lot of them don't. Be prepared for that and carry a TARP just in case you need shelter for cooking or just hanging out. Also make sure to have the right rain gear. A rain jacket and rain pants are a must!
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