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Pelican and ICE MULE Coolers: which is the right fit for YOU?

Pelican and ICE MULE Coolers: which is the right fit for YOU?

It’s finally Game Day Season! The weather is getting cooler and the tailgate parties are planned; this means it’s time to transition our coolers from Summer Adventures to Fall Get Togethers.

The first thing you should ask yourself is “Do I want a hard or soft cooler?” Let’s say you want a hard-sided cooler. How much space do you need? Do you want a lifetime warranty? Do you want a top sided handle or side handles? Well, Pelican has you covered for all kinds of wants and needs! Pelican has 50 and 30 QT coolers that have side handles, Grizzly bear proof latches (yes, you read that correct!), and an overall lightweight feel despite its sturdiness. Maybe you want something smaller. Pelican has 14 and 20 QT coolers that have top handles, those same Grizzle bear proof latches (I’m still astonished), and its super light weight to bring to your next tailgate. Did you know that Pelican’s 50, 30, and 20 QT coolers have lifetime warranties on them?! They’re along for the long haul, not just this Game Day Season.


Hard-sided coolers are great, but maybe soft coolers fit you best. ICE MULE has a variety of sizes, colors, and uses. ICE MULE coolers are completely waterproof if you want to take Game Day listening to the river, lake, or beach while it’s still warm. Each ICE MULE cooler has a padded, adjustable strap so you can be comfortable while you travel to your next tailgate party. They have the portability of a backpack and the ice keeping performance of a hard cooler. They also don’t have pesky zippers; instead, they have a roll top design for easy access. Sizes range from ICE MULE’S Classic Mini at 9L, which can carry 6 cans or 2 750ml bottles + ice, all the way to their Pro XXL at 40 L, which can carry 36 cans or 5 750ml bottles + ice. Wow! That’s versatility. Whether you’re celebrating Game Day with a couple buddies or a whole crew, ICE MULE has you covered.

Still not sure which cooler fits you best? Stop into any of our six locations to check out Pelican and ICE MULE coolers!

Watch two Grizzlies try to break into a Pelican cooler!


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