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DON'T SEE A PRODUCT OR SIZE ON OUR WEBSITE? We have more items in store than online. Call us to see if it's available in store!
DON'T SEE A PRODUCT OR SIZE ON OUR WEBSITE? We have more items in store than online. Call us to see if it's available in store!

15 Music Festival Essentials

1. Waterproof Everything

Water and Music Festivals just seem to go together, either due to the weather or that water slide that is just all to tempting. Opt for a waterproof/water-resistant shoe or water sandal; don't bring a traditional sneaker. Instead, go with something with 360 degree toe to heel protection like Chacos, Tevas, or Keens. It's nice to have a second pair of comfortable/breathable shoes to change into as a back up and/or for hanging out at your campsite. Money, ID and your phone are best kept in a sealable, waterproof bag.

dry bags

2. Re-hydration

Let's be honest - you're not going to be hydrating as you should. Amp up your re-hydration with extra vitamins and electrolytes to get you going. Nuun tablets can be added right to your water and Honey Stinger products are a very tasty option to re-hydrate. Walkabout carries lots of different flavors of Nuun tablets various flavors of Honey Stinger energy chews, gel packs, and waffles.


3. Re-usable Water Bottle, Pint Cup + Accessories

Music festivals are progressively going green (yay!) and in doing so, it's on you to bring your own water bottle, pint cup, etc. Typically there is a tent at the festival that you can pick up a re-useable pint cup or bring your own. There may be places to buy water bottles but you're better off being prepared as these sell out quickly! Walkabout Outfitter carries Hydro Flask options for both! We also carry carabiners, silicone pint glasses, and beer blankets so that your drinks will be cold and your hands can be free between drinks.


4. Quick Dry Towel

Showering is possible at a music festival, but it's nice to have a small, packable towel that dries quicklyA quick dry towel can be rung out easily and will dry fast enough so that you're not having to carry around a wet towel let alone waiting for it to dry. You know we've got those too! Sea to Summit Towels comes in multiple sizes and they can hold up to 3x's their weight in water!

summit towel

5. Hammock

If you're not a glamper and you're lucky enough to have a camping spot in a wooded area, then consider a hammock! They're much more comfortable than the ground and take way less time to put up/take down than a tent. Plus, when you've got to park in one place and carry all of your gear in, the lighter the better! Walkabout Outfitter carries ENO hammocks in both single and double nest sizes as well as their straps (yes they're separate) and even the rain fly to keep you dry in case of rain.

 ENO Hammocks

6. Solar Powered Everything

No outlets? No problem! Solar power has come a long way in the portability realm with products from companies like Luci light and Goal Zero (more variety of products in-store at Walkabout) who are leading the way in portable solar power and make a huge range of products for different needs.

goal zero

7. Headlamp

When you're back at camp, having a headlamp can be more helpful than you might think. Being hands free comes in handy when getting around and trying to find things in the dark. Check out our selection of headlamps!


8. Sun Protection

Sunny? Cloudy? Doesn't matter! SPF, hats and sunglasses are your best friend at a music festival! Walkabout carries a wide range of trucker hats from brands like Patagonia, Outdoor Research, Free Fly, Duck Head, and The North Face! We also carry environmentally and healthy versions of sun screen. Need sunglasses? Go for the extra protection of polarized with Suncloud and Smith eyewear.

smith optics

9. Bug Repellent

Almost just as important as sun protection is bug protection! There are plenty of ways to protect against bugs: insect repellent is a must, but you can also get Exofficio BugsAway products that have Insect Shield within the fabric. Insect Shield protects from bugs with Permethrin, which is odorless, and lasts for up to 70 washes. Walkabout also carries mosquito netting for hammocks, sleeping bag, and your head!

bug repellent

10. Day Bag

Whether it's a small backpack, a sleek KAVU rope sling, or a hip pack - when your campsite feels miles away, you'll be glad you've got a pack that can hold everything you need to get you through the day. Walkabout has a wide selection of KAVU rope bags and day packs in store.

shoulder bag

11. Seat

Unless you've already got a super lightweight Helinox chair, carrying your seating around from stage to stage gets old quickly. Bring a beach style blanket that can be shared and rolled up easily in your bag. If you're intrigued by the Helinox chairs, check them and Crazy Creeks out at any Walkabout!


12. First Aid

This doesn't have to be your Mom's heavy duty tin case that stays in the car. Just bring extra waterproof band aids (because tip #1). You'll be walking a lot and blisters happen easily depending on your shoes.

13. Watches and Walkies

You're going to lose cell phone service - it's inevitable. Bring a watch or a pair of walkie talkies to make sure you're always at the right stage at the right time to meet your buddies.

14. Location Location Location

Don't park your campsite too close to a stage, near a major walkway or at the bottom of a hill. Noise, dust/mud and downhill rain flow can ruin any good vibe.

15. Layer Layer Layer

While the days will be hot and humid, temperatures will certainly drop in the evening and nighttime. Pack appropriately so you can wear tank tops and breezy shirts during the 80°F moments and wear comfy pullovers during the 40°F nights.

 sweatshirts and hoodies

We want you to be prepared for music and arts festivals, so you can be carefree while you're there.

Check out our Festival Necessities collection on Walkabout's website!

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