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After the Challenge - Keep Getting Outside

After the Challenge - Keep Getting Outside

The Walkabout Get Outside Challenge may have ended, we want to keep up the fun and continue to encourage you to keep getting outside.  Whether you participated in the challenge, or recently joined the group we want to encourage everyone to continue to get outside for at least 20 minutes a day, and keep encouraging others to do the same.  


Need a little extra encouragement?  Here is a tracker to help!

Download tracker now



Haven't joined the Walkabout Get Outside - Facebook Group but want to?  

Walkabout Get Ouside Facebook Group
Get outside anyway you like! Take a walk, do yard work, walk the dog, camping, star gazing, etc! We want you to be encouraged and to encourage others!
Keep calm and get outside.
Stay encouraged and encourage others.
Be sure to keep an eye on the group as you never know when we may encourage a new challenge or have more prize giveaways!

Click here to join.

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