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Fuel Calculator: How much fuel do you need for a camping trip?

Ever wonder how much fuel you should take on your camping trip? Use this calcuator to take the guessing out of backpacking prep.

As a general rule, you may estimate boiling one liter of water per person per meal. That number may be factored into the calculator below. Also the following factors will affect the amount of required fuel.

Simmering (pasta/purifying water): If you need to simmer water rather than simply boiling and mixing it with packaged food, then you'll need to bring more fuel.

Wind: Wind can prevent some of the heat from reaching your pot or pan, which will require a longer burn time (which inevitably means more fuel). Experts actually advise bringing twice as much fuel if the weather is forecasted to be incredibly windy and you're not able to block the wind.

This calculation is for compressed gas canisters only. It will apply to fuel canisters like MSR and Jetboil.

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