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DON'T SEE A PRODUCT OR SIZE ON OUR WEBSITE? We have more items in store than online. Call us to see if it's available in store!
DON'T SEE A PRODUCT OR SIZE ON OUR WEBSITE? We have more items in store than online. Call us to see if it's available in store!


" Hi there! I just wanted to tell someone about the awesome customer service  I experienced today at the downtown Roanoke store thanks to Toby. He informed us of the current winter sale and I quickly found a pair of hiking boots that I have been considering purchasing for awhile now. He checked in the back, brought out a few different sizes but unfortunately there wasn’t any of my size in stock. Instead of just leaving it at that, he checked the inventory at other stores and found out they had a pair in my size at Valley View. He called Valley View and had them put it on hold for me. You can tell he really enjoys helping customers.  It’s this kind of customer service that makes me want to visit your store rather than purchasing online. Thank you!" - Rosalie F


"Thank you for bringing your fabulous store to Lexington! You are my go-to place for gifts, clothes and gear, and my favorite store in town. I love what you've done with your space on Main St. You bring vitality to the town, have a great staff, and provide a very high-quality shopping experience." - Marjorie K


"Outstanding service. I've been there about 5 times in the last couple months and 4/5 times I had a sales person guide me through multiple products and help me get what I needed. Really friendly and excellent knowledge base. Nice selection of equipment as well. I'll also say I had a problem with a pair of gloves I purchased and called them to question it a few weeks later without a receipt or tags and they took them back and exchanged them no questions asked...wonderful service." - Russ V


"Great selection and very knowledgeable." - Louise M


"Very good customer service and great gear!" - Sharon L


"Every time I walk into Walkabout I'm met with a friendly and helpful staff. They have a great selection of outdoors equipment/clothing. Their prices are surprisingly close to those of much larger online stores." - Russell T


"The whole staff is friendly, helpful and so, so knowledgeable! They are seriously a wealth of information!." - Nina F


"I love stores like these and I love keeping money local. Today I was reminded why. The staff was so helpful and considerate and I imagine they took time outside of their hours to accommodate my request. I am also quite pleased with my purchase (Chaco Z2), also a reminder, stay off Amazon and purchase from these terrific sales associates!!!." - Christopher T


"So, this is our store to pick up hiking products and related items. We go to the one in Harrisonburg but there are several others depending on your location. Check out there web site to find out about special events they are hosting and other locations. Several key takeaways from the place. First, locally owed and run. Yea, you can get some of it on the internet for a few cents cheaper, but we all need to support or local stores if we want to keep them. Second, the folks that work in the store have a lot of experience in hiking, climbing, etc. They know people who work for PATC, ATC, and local hike and climbing groups. In fact, they can probably tell you where to go for an excellent hike or climb based on their experience or put you in contact with an organization that can help. Many of their staff have walked the AT. If you want the proper fit on a piece of equipment, clothing, book, map, or footwear, this is the place to go, and the professionals to talk to." - Herman W


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